ILA H&S Award


In the year 2018 on the occasion of its International Exchange Forum in South Africa the ILA joined the Global Initiative “VISION ZERO” for safety, health and wellbeing at work, developed by the International Social Insurance Association (ISSA). By committing to this successful international strategy, we intend to establish a culture of prevention at all workplaces in the global lime industry and strengthen our efforts for better workplace safety, health and wellbeing towards zero accidents and work-related diseases.
Accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither predetermined nor unavoidable – they always have man-made causes. By building a strong prevention culture, these causes can be eliminated and work related accidents, harm and occupational diseases be prevented. Safe and healthy working conditions are not only a legal and moral obligation – they also pay off economically. Healthy working conditions contribute to healthy business.
Within the 7 Golden Rules of the VISION ZERO Strategy ( we strive for an active involvement of all workers and an open, inspiring communication between leaders, managers and workers to work together for people-driven new ideas and solutions for workplace health and safety. Based on the belief that this pro-active cooperation of company management and workforce creates the best innovative solutions, the ILA Board has taken the decision to establish a new activity: The ILA Health & Safety Award!
The first winners of the ILA Health & Safety Award shall be honoured during the 50+1st Anniversary celebrations of the ILA on Oct. 4, 2021 in Paris. We believe that the international lime industry as a whole and all companies in all countries will benefit a lot, if we share those ideas and solutions.


By submitting your ideas and best practice solutions, you can contribute as well to a safe and healthy working environment as to the sustainability of the lime industry globally. Please join our ILA Health & Safety Award 2021 competition and send us your innovative ideas and solutions, your successful campaigns and your best practice initiatives.

These are our award winning categories for the ILA Health & Safety Award 2021:

  • TECHNOLOGY: Innovative technical solutions to avoid or minimize risks for health & safety
  • PREVENTION CULTURE: New concepts and activities to stimulate health & safety culture, new solutions for sustainable organization and motivation for health & safety and measures to support a healthy workforce
  • YOUNG WORKERS: Successful practices to coach, activate, sensitize and to integrate young workers (max. 25 years), apprentices and trainees in health & safety


Health & safety is not one woman´s or one man´s job – it is a concern of all! This means we are looking for ideas of individuals, teams, managers and leaders, experienced workers or experts and young workers who are new on their jobs.
The submitted ideas can vary from new technological developments to very simple activities to improve health & safety. Very often, the simple ideas are the most effective ideas – so please don´t hesitate to submit your idea.


Please send us your ideas until March 30th, 2021!
Please use the attached form to describe and specify your idea as concise and clear as possible. The ideas shall be carried out and successfully tested and implemented. If you can add some pictures, a short video or drawings you will help the ILA Health & Safety Award Jury to understand your idea and evaluate it.
The Jury for the ILA Health & Safety Award needs to know why you came to this activity, how you solved the problem and what the result was.


Please contact the ILA Office or Frank Ohnemüller directly via frank.ohnemueller(a)