Use of Lime

Lime is a versatile chemical substance which is indispensable for many industrial processes and applications. Lime is used in different forms:

  • as uncalcined calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
  • as burnt lime or quick lime (CaO)
  • as hydrated lime Ca(OH)2

The most important areas of use are briefly mentioned below. Lime is an indispensable component in:

Iron and Steel

  • production of sinter
  • treatment of pig iron
  • basic oxygen steelmaking

Construction and Building

  • building lime
  • calcium silicate bricks
  • masonry mortar and rendering
  • treatment and stabilization of soils

Water and Flue Gas

  • drinking water
  • waste water
  • sewage treatment
  • flue gas purification (wet and dry scrubbing)

Industrial Chemicals

  • inorganic and organic calcium components
  • fluxing or bonding agent
  • source of calcium and alkalinity (neutralization)

Agriculture, Forestry and Food

  • soil fertility and pH improvement
  • lake liming
  • human food, animal feed additive

Other Areas

  • glass
  • paper and pulp
  • soda lime
  • refining of non-ferrous metals