Welcome to ILA


Dear Friends,

I am writing to you as we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, I wish all of you, your families, your friends and all your employees good health wherever you are in the World and please keep safe.

We as the leaders in our industry have many tools at our disposal to reduce contagion of Covid-19.  I am sure you have all instigated actions both at work and personally to reduce the rate of infection and increase protection. If you have found any tools or actions that have been especially useful, please pass them on to the wider community.

To this end, I will share some actions that have been taken in the companies I lead:

  • Communicate to all employees on a very regular basis
    • Facts of Covid-19 in our area
    • Personal actions our employees need to take to meet local government requirements to keep safe:
      • In the work environment
      • At home and in the community
  • Implement strict rules of entry into the production sites and outside offices
  • Organize operational and administrational work on the sites in a way that physical contacts are minimized and back-up teams or shifts are available.
  •  Reduce travel to a minimum and use technology to have virtual meetings
  • Produce plans for worse case situations to keep our people safe and our businesses operating
  • Institute plans to clean areas at work such as:
    • Communal areas
    • Work areas

It is clear, that all measures taken can only be in the light of the actual situation in your relevant countries and may change quickly.

‘Be Safe, Be Careful’

Best regards,
Paul R. Ellis
ILA President